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RumenWorks Nutrition provide high-quality feed and supplements to maximise the production of your livestock in a more resource-efficient way – saving you time and money.


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Co-director Ross Gibson is more than a livestock producer, he is a nutritionist with extensive knowledge in the vital role the rumen plays in feed efficiency.

Reach out to Ross on 0447 971 836 for more information about our range of supplements available to maximise the production of your stock.


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The RumenWorks Nutrition products are designed to maintain high amounts of nutrition to help livestock through specific processes, such as birthing.  Our products support your livestock through these periods of nutrient excess, deficiency and times of productive extremes.

From our research, we have found five key areas that affect the improvement of production performance in wool growth, milk production and beef/lamb growth rates:


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The single biggest contributor to sheep and cattle profitability is increasing the feed conversion rates. Find products that will help you achieve your goals.

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