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RumenWorks Nutrition provide high-quality feed and supplements to maximise the production of your livestock in a more resource-efficient way – saving you time and money.

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RumenWorks Nutrition is an Australian wide animal nutrition supplier.  We provide high-quality feed and supplements to give your cattle & sheep the nutrition they need, especially to the heart, uterus & rumen.

RumenWorks Nutrition Pty Ltd is the result of 20 years involvement in the sheep and cattle industries, and has resulted from a desire to optimise production from our pastures and feed sources.

We believe it is important to provide supplemental nutrition in times of excess or deficiency to ensure healthy livestock.  We are dedicated to supplying nutrition supplements to maintain livestock well-being.

The driving force behind our product range is the aim of maximising the output of production from available feed resources.

As livestock producers, we need to become environmentally & economically sustainable. Part of becoming more sustainable as cattle or sheep producers centres around producing more (milk, wool, beef, lamb) with less inputs.  Optimising the nutritional level of available inputs is a manageable way of doing this.

The RumenWorks Nutrition product range is aimed at regulating the rumen of a ruminant animal – Cattle & Sheep.  The rumen uses microbes to convert ingested feed into useable sources of energy.  If the rumen microbes become imbalanced the animal’s health and production ability suffers.  When it comes to the improved efficiency of Sheep & Cattle production it’s all about the Rumen!

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The RumenWorks Nutrition products are designed to maintain high amounts of nutrition to help livestock through specific processes, such as birthing.  Our products support your livestock through these periods of nutrient excess, deficiency and times of productive extremes.

From our research, we have found five key areas that affect the improvement of production performance in wool growth, milk production and beef/lamb growth rates:

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