RumenWorks Nutrition - Pre-Lambing Lick
RumenWorks Nutrition

Pre-Lambing Lick

A Specialised Cost Effective Weather Proof Mineral Mix designed to Enhance Performance and Lactation in Lambing Ewes.

  • To Aid in the Birthing Process
  • Designed to meet the Daily Requirements of Ewes & Lambs
  • May improve Colostrum Quality in Ewes
  • Increased Levels of Calcium & Magnesium
  • May Improve Lambs Weight Gain
  • Assists in Preventing Metabolic Disease

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The Problem

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Vit AVit DVit E CoCuSeMnZn IS
Bone Fragility (Weakness)
Decreased Milk Production
Delayed Conception
Goitre (Enlarged Thyroid Gland)
Hair/Coat Abnormalities
III Thrift
Impaired Fertility
Loss of Appetite
Loss of Body Weight
Lowered Immune System
Lower Resistance to Parasite/Disease
Muscular Degradation
Phalaris Staggers
Poor Conception
Poor Colostrum Quality
Poor Growth
Retained Afterbirth
Rough Coats
Skeletal Defects
Skin Defects/Cracking
Weeping Eyes

Pre-Joining Lick…Can you afford not to?

Feeding Instructions:
Provide free choice in secure, well drained containers located near feeding and or watering points. Once a consumption pattern has been established move away from water but in positions where the sheep frequent or camp. Average daily intakes will typically vary from 20-50g/hd/day and will fluctuate in accordance with animal size, diet quality and production status.

Allow one container per 50 head of sheep.
Initial intakes may be higher than recommended levels (for a short period) until animals achieve the required mineral status. Alterations to the base diet, environment conditions, health status and general animal husbandry will effect animal performance achieved by using this product.

Follow Label Conditions:
Care should be taken to avoid over-supplementation from this product and/or concurrent use of other products containing selenium (such as pasture top dressing, pellets, drenches or vaccine containing selenium).

Withholding Periods for Milk Sheep:
Do not use in lactating ewes where milk or milk products may be used for human consumption.

Do not feed to horses or other equines.
This product may be fatal if fed to horses or other equids.

Nutrient Unit Active Level kg Premix
Vitamin A MIU 0.500
Vitamin D MIU 0.050
Vitamin E MIU 0.400
Phosphorus g 15.000
Calcium g 160.000
Cobalt g 0.035
Magnesium g 50.000
Iodine g 0.020
Potassium g 0.900
Selenium g 0.030
Sulphur g 10.000
Zinc g 2.000
Chloride g 183.831
Manganese g 2.000
Salt g 300.00
Lasalocid g 1.000
Copper g 0.060
Iron g 0.600
Weatherproofed Flavour Enhancer Added
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