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Beef Maker Pellet

RumenWorks Beef Maker Pellet is a convenient easy to use product designed to be mixed with grain and roughage to provide a high quality beef cattle feeding ration.

Beef Maker being a pellet has the feature over powdered concentrates as it does not fall out of suspension when the Total Mixed Ration (TMR) is put into self feeders.

Pellets also have the additional benefit of not adding extra dust to the ration.

  • Beef Maker Pellet stays suspended
  • Beef Maker Pellet less dust added to the ration
  • RumenWorks Beef Maker Pellet is the ideal additive to use when formulating rations for complete feedlot diets or pasture supplement diets
  • This produce does contain urea

Reach out to livestock nutritionist Ross Gibson on 0447 971 836 for more information about our range of products. 

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