RumenWorks Nutrition

Performance Plus Cattle Pellet

RumenWorks Performance Plus Cattle Pellet is designed to provide a convenient method of supplying vital protein and minerals and vitamins to cattle when supplementary feeding.

  • The Benefits of Rumenworks Protein Cattle Pellet. Protein Level 22%
  • Rumenworks Performance Plus Cattle Pellet includes 35% Soyabean meal which is a good source of Bypass Protein.
  • Includes Rumensin® for improved feed efficiency Includes buffers to help protect against accidental grain poisoning
  • Provides a wide range of minerals and vitamins including Vitamin A, to allow healthy development of young and lactating cattle.

Reach out to livestock nutritionist Ross Gibson on 0447 971 836 for more information about our range of products. 

IDEAL for any weaning or longer term paddock supplementation programs.

Directions for Use Cattle:

Mix Rumenworks Performance Plus Cattle Pellet at a rate of 100kg per tonne of total mixed ration (TMR).

Mix Rumenworks Performance Plus Cattle Pellet thoroughly with other TMR ingredients before allowing cattle to consume.

Rumenworks Performance Plus Cattle Pellet is suitable for weaners and adult cattle on supplementary feeding programs where grain constitutes no more than 65% of the total diet of the animal.

  • Rumenworks Performance Plus Cattle Pellet should NOT be fed to sheep horses or dogs.
  • Contains Rumensin® to improve productivity

Analysis: Cattle Protein Pellet:

Guarantees Custom Mix
Crude Protein 22
NPN % 28.75
Lysine % 1.10
Methionine % 0.34
Crude Fat % 0.9
Crude Fibre % 3.1
ADF % 3.3
Calcium % 3.85
Phosphorus % 2.13
Salt % 5.00
Magnesium % 0.21
Potassium % 0.72
Copper ppm 639
Selenium ppm 0.00
Zinc ppm 1467
Vitamin A IU/kg 105000

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