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Sheep & Cattle Production Gains with Green Feed Licks

The RumenWorks Nutrition Green Feed Lick (GFL) range of products aims to help the producer gain the most returns from their pasture investment. By supplementing livestock on green pastures the utilisation of the pasture will be improved and can lead to potential heavier stocking rates.

RumenWorks Nutrition GFLs are different from most others on offer as we believe that the soil type plays a large role in nutrient uptake within the plant and therefore the intake of the plant nutrition by the grazing animal. RumenWorks Nutrition GFLs are designed according to specific soil types and aim to give your grazing animal the best supplementary support whilst grazing on green feed or planted fodder crops such as oats, winter wheat, ryegrass, forage sorghum and lucerne.

The RumenWorks Nutrition Green Feed Licks aim to help the producer manage the differing problems of green pastures such as Grass Tetany, Bloat and poorly producing animals.

Improved Feed Conversion

The single biggest contributor to sheep and cattle profitability is increasing the feed conversion rates on pasture.

The following independent trial highlights the effectiveness of RumenWorks Gnen Feed Lick.

Calculated Feed Efficiency:

Kilos Consumed to Gain 1 kg of Liveweight

Control14.2 kg
14.2 kg
Competitor10.3 kg
10.3 kg
RumenWorks Green Feed Lick7.0 kg
7.0 kg

Trial Conducted by Formulae One 2015

Conclusion – By using RumenWorks Green Feed Lick it took 7kg of grazing oats pasture to produce 1 kg of beef. Comparatively, cattle on no supplementation took 14kg of grazing oats to produce 1 kg beef.

Other trials conducted with sheep on green, native pasture, supplemented with RumenWorks Green Feed Lick, showed an increase of 10 days extra grazing per paddock over a 30 day period.

Improved Weight Gains

Independent trials conducted in 2015 showed an average improvement in weight gain of 9%. Over a 38 day period this equated to an extra $13.68 per head return.

Average Daily Gain: (kg/hd/day)

Control1.30 kg
1.30 kg
Competitor1.33 kg
1.33 kg
RumenWorks Green Feed Lick1.42 kg
1.42 kg

Dose Rate:

Cattle and sheep consumption rates can vary due to individual conditions on property, and in the animal. As a guide to attain protection against Grass Tetany, the following dose rates should be used as a base point.

Dose Rate Cattle Sheep
200kg: 50g/day 30g/adult head/day
400kg: 100g/day
600kg: 150g/day


In high pressure situations such as Bloat and Grass Tetany the product must be continuously available. There must be adequate troughing. 1 trough to 25 head for cattle, 1 trough to 50 head for sheep. Spread the troughs around the paddock and near watering points.

Typical Green Feed Loose Lick Macro Nutrients:

Macro Nutrients g/kg
Calcium 130
Magnesium 99
Phosphorus 18.7
Sulphur 47.4
Sodium 82.68
Carbohydrates 174.2
Cattle Dose Rate: 100g/hd/day
Sheep Dose Rate: 30g/hd/day
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Green Feed Supplement Products

To aid in growth rates, pasteurize utilization, bloat and grass tetany management.