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Dry Feed Supplementation

Supplementation of Sheep & Cattle in dry times or times of feed deficiency requires different supplementary products to those used when the paddock feed is green and actively growing. As such RumenWorks Nutrition have designed a range of products for drier times to suit a range of conditions. RumenWorks Utiliser Dry Feed-Loose Lick Range.

Supplementation In Dry Times

Supplementation in dry times is about providing the animals with more protein, energy, and some minerals which may have become deficient in the animals diet through deteriorating pasture condition, due usually in Australia to a lack of rainfall.

Supplementation should not be used alone when there is not enough pasture for the sheep and cattle to eat and they actually need either part or full feeding. Supplements such as the Utiliser Range are designed to allow livestock to gain more benefit from the dry paddock feed which is available to them, such as often occur in the summers of southern Australia, or the cold, often drier autumn and winters of Northern NSW and Southern QLD.

The Utiliser Range of products is unique in its composition, in that it provides a balanced approach to supplementing Protein, energy, and minerals, to livestock in drier times.

Reach out to livestock nutritionist Ross Gibson on 0447 971 836 for more information about our range of products. 

The Utiliser Range

Common Key Features

  1. They provide a source of Bypass proteins in the form of Cottonseed meal. A supply of bypass proteins is essential in dry times, as urea can not supply all the required types of proteins needed by the animal. A constant supply is critical to the performance of sheep and cattle.
  2. Energy. Whilst there is energy in the dry feed, often animals are unable to breakdown this lignified dry feed. This is where we need the animal’s rumen bugs to help digest this valuable dry feed, to achieve the overall energy levels needed by the animal. To achieve this, the rumen bugs actually need to be fed a small amount of energy in the form of fermentable starch. The Utiliser product provides this kick-start in the form of complex polysaccharides.
  3. These products provide a range of minerals, in a balanced approach, which allow the animals to function in an optimum manner.
  4. In dry feed times there is a basic deficiency of protein in the system. This is where urea can be used as a cost effective non-protein source. The Utiliser Range is designed to provide a protein content that will best suit your grazing situation
  5. Rumensin™ is included to increase the Utilisation by the animal, of the dry feed available. In another words it helps make that valuable and constantly diminishing resource (dry feed) go further.

Using Utiliser Products

When using Utiliser it is always advisable to use it in undercovered feeders to prevent the product getting wet. This prevents spoilage and reduces the risk of urea toxicity. Important with any product which contains urea.

Rumensin® is a registered product of Elanco Animal Health – APVMA No.46885

RumenWorks Utiliser – Table of Composition

Composition Utiliser 15 Utiliser 20 + R Utiliser 35 + R
Vitamin A 200 000 iu/kg 200 000 iu/kg 200 000 iu/kg
Vitamin D 24 000 iu/kg 24 000 iu/kg 24 000 iu/kg
Vitamin E 72 mg/kg 72 mg/kg 72 mg/kg
Sodium 9.3% 9.3% 9.3%
Calcium 160g/kg 160g/kg 130g/kg
Phosphorous 20g/kg 20g/kg 20g/kg
Sulphur 10g/kg 9.6g/kg 9.6g/kg
Magnesium 2g/kg 2g/kg 2g/kg
Copper 150 mg/kg 150 mg/kg 150 mg/kg
Selenium 3 mg/kg 3 mg/kg 3 mg/kg
Cobalt 6 mg/kg 6 mg/kg 6 mg/kg
Zinc 612 mg/kg 612 mg/kg 612 mg/kg
Urea 2.5% 3.9% 9.1%
Energy 3 Mj/kg 3 Mj/kg 3 Mj/kg
Monensin Sodium 0 mg/kg 300 mg/kg 300 mg/kg
Cottonseed Meal 10% 10% 10%
Total Protein 15% 20% 35%

Dry Feed Supplementation Products

Protein and mineral supplementation for Dry Feed

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