Trial Benefit of RumenWorks Grain Enhancer Concentrate with Probiotic in grain and silage based Diets



In recent years, producers have been seeing the value and profit in feeding sheep to meet market demands, however feeding ingredients other than cereals grains and protein meals isn’t overly common practice in Australia. Market signals and demand for feeding sheep shows the need for some local data to support the feeding of complete and balanced rations to sheep.


To demonstrate a benefit in feeding silage, in a grain and silage based diet using RumenWorks Grain Enhancer Concentrate for Sheep.


The treatment group performed better than control animals. The addition RumenWorks Sheep Grain Assist Pellet plus Probiotics allowed lambs to progress more consistently when ration changes became more challenging, minimizing the risk of lost performance and set-back.

Materials and Methods

Location University of New England, Armidale. NSW, Australia
Year 2019
Duration 56 days with a 14 day adaptation period.
Animals 36 Second cross terminal lambs from commercial source.
32kg starting weight.

Feeding Schedule & Rations

Timepoint (days) Component (w/w)
-14 to -1 100% silage (adaptation)
0 -7 25% whole oats + 26% barley grain + 50% silage
8 -10 50% barley grain + 50% silage
11 – 25 75% barley grain + 25% silage
26-27 80% barley grain + 20% silage
28-29 85% barley grain + 15% silage
30-56 90% barley grain + 10% silage


1. Silage + grain
2. Silage + grain + mineral pellet + Levucell SC (3×109 cfu/head/day)

Measured Parameters

Daily feed intake
Faecal consistency
Rumen pH

Duration of Study: 71 Days

Day -14

Commenced Adaption Period

Day 0

of Trial

Day 1

Facial Scoring

Day 8

Ration Set Up 1

Day 11

Ration Set Up 2

pH Sample

Day 14

Weighed & Facial Scoring

Day 21


Day 26

Ration Set Up 3

Day 27

Ration Set Up 4

Day 28

Ration Set Up 5


Day 35


Day 42

pH Sample
Facial Scoring & Weighing

Day 49



pH Sample
Facial Scoring & Weighing

Liveweight Group Average

Average Daily Gain significantly improved compared to the untreated group (p<0.05).


RumenWorks Sheep Grain Assist pellet with probiotic treated lambs showed improved homogeneity and performance compared to the control group, practically this means having more animals reach the target weight in the given time frame.

Weight at Day 56

Feed conversion ratios between the treated group were 34-35% more efficient relative to the untreated group (RumenWorks Sheep Grain Assist Pellet plus Probiotic 5.79:1 vs control 8.78:1 (p<0.05)). Again the RumenWorks Sheep Grain Assist supplemented lambs showed less variation.

Feed Conversion Ratio

Rumen pH indicated no recorded incidences of acidosis. Basing lamb rations on quality silage can assist in managing rumen function without compromising performance. RumenWorks Sheep Grain Assist fed lambs showed a more stable rumen pH pre and post feed which is consistent with other studies.

Time Point Control RumenWorks Grain
Assist + Probiotic
Day 11 Pre-Feed 6.5 6.3
Day 11 Post-Feed 5.8 6.2
Difference -0.7 -0.2
Day 56 Pre-Feed 7.5 7.2
Day 56 Post-Feed 6.7 6.3
Difference -1.1 -0.9

*Lambs were fed ad-libitum.
*Sampling points were not aligned with ration changes.


Quality silage can play a positive role in growing out commercial lambs, it provides lambs with effective fibre and assists in managing rumen function. Lambs should be supplemented with RumenWorks Grain Assist Pellet to better enhance the efficiency of gain and overall lamb performance. The addition of RumenWorks Grain Assist Pellet to a grain/silage based diets helps to minimize within group variation, encourages a more even group and consistent performance.

More lambs get to mark on time…


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