The RumenWorks Green Feed Lick plus Rumensin contains a measured dose of Rumensin, minerals and energy to aid in the control of Bloat. Hence it is important to ensure that we get the correct level of consumption. In sheep, ideally 30 grams per head per day, Cattle, approximately 100grams per head per day for a 400 kg beast. At 600kg, 150grams of the Green feed lick.

From a production perspective over the season the consumption can vary with apparently little effect on live weight and feed conversion performance.

Bloat Management – To reduce the risk of bloat it is imperative that we achieve the correct dosage.

Under consumption of any lick can be caused by a number of factors including:

  1. Stock not trained to consume licks
  2. Lick being used is not palatable to stock.
  3. Not enough troughs or lick feeders provided.
  4. Lick not available to stock at all times.

Useful Tips to Aid Consumption of Licks:

  • Train Stock to Consume licks before the onset of the bloat season. Stock should be introduced to troughs. This can be done by putting cattle in small holding paddocks with troughs and placing something very palatable to the stock eg RumenWorks Booster or Molasses. There is some stockmanship required here but a small amount of work invested in your stock at this point can help greatly when bloat pressure occurs. Weaning is the ideal time to do this, however if cattle are bought in then train them as soon as you get them home.
  • Due to seasonal conditions and soil types all licks and blocks can become unpalatable to stock. This is where the Rumenworks product Booster can be used. If stock are not consuming the RumenWorks Green Feed Lick plus Rumensin then Booster can be added up to a 1:1 basis to encourage the stock to consume the lick. Once the cattle are consuming the lick then this can be reduced to a rate where the stock are comfortably eating the RumenWorks Green Feed Lick plus Rumensin at the required rate.
  • Freshness of product can be another issue if stock are not consuming the licks as required. Only administer enough product for the next 2-3 days. Sometimes fresher product can help encourage consumption.
  • Ensure there are plenty of troughs made available with cattle one trough per 25 head. Sheep – 1 trough per 50 head. Ensure troughs are self-draining. Place for easy access to the livestock.
  • Never allow lick to run out.

Please contact your local Rumenworks representative Tony Warner or Ross Gibson, to discuss further if uncertain how to manage this.

Bloat / Grass Tetany Management should be approached using all tools available.

  • Ensure your 5-in-1 vaccinations are up to date.
  • If using troughs, then Bloat oil should be considered along with the Rumenworks Green Feed
  • Prepare early before the build-up and the season commences.
  • Planning and management is paramount for successful bloat and grass tetany prevention.
  • Don’t wait until your cattle and sheep are dying of green feed related disease such as bloat and Grass tetany. Then it’s too late

For further information contact Ross Gibson on 0447 971 836.

Introducing Cattle to RumenWorks Green Feed Lick plus Rumensin
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