Yard weaning done correctly using high quality starches and a balanced mineral supplement will:

  • Minimise weight loses through the weaning period
  • Allow cattle to perform better post weaning.
  • Allow for superior feed conversion to be attained.

Successful weaning is dependent on getting calves onto the feed as quickly as possible.

Some key practical tips for weaning to ensure best results include:

  1. Imprinting calves prior to the weaning process. ie ensure that calves have been taught to eat from troughs from their mothers .
  2. Once calves are drafted from their dams inject with ADE and B12and 5in1 / 7in1, and depending on parasite program you may consider drenching.
  3. Ensure that there is enough troughing so that all calves can gain access simultaneously. Provide 50cm space per calf.
  4. Uptake will be enhanced if troughs are lifted off the ground by 30-50cm
  5. Ensure clean water is available.
  6. Draft calves into groups of weight ranges of no more than 50kg variance.
  7. Build up weaner mix from 200grams per animal per day to 1.5kg per day over a 7 day  period. Calves need to be fed twice per day, morning and night.
  8. Once calves have stopped bellowing and are settled to the weaner mix, (5-7 days after separation) the calves can be put into a small grassy paddock and fed the grain mix for the balance of the 21 weaning days.
  9. Always ensure straw is provided to the cattle as a roughage source.

For further information contact Ross Gibson on 0447 971 836

Setting Up 21 Day Weaning Program for Calves
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