Sheep Grain Assist Pellet
RumenWorks Nutrition

Sheep Grain Assist Pellet

  • High Quality Buffering Agent
    Reduces Grain Poisoning
  • Decreases Production of Lactic Acid
  • Reduces the Risk of
    Coccidiosis in Weaners
  • Balanced High Quality Minerals
  • Increased Weight Gains
  • Improved Feed Conversion Rates
  • Does Not Contain Bovatec™
  • Contains Vista Cell Probiotic
The RumenWorks Sheep Grain Assist Pellet

Designed to help minimise the risk of grain poisoning when feeding cereal grain to sheep

Feeding any cereal grain to sheep will cause an increase in the production of lactic acid within the rumen. This lactic acid is the cause of “grain poisoning”. The production of lactic acid at best, has a negative impact on the animal’s efficiency, and at worst will cause death.

Reducing the impact that this lactic acid has on the animal will improve the production outcome. The RumenWorks Nutrition Sheep Grain Assist Pellet has been designed to help manage the risks that lactic acid poses.

One of the best ways to minimize the risk of lactic acid is to neutralise it after it has been produced. This neutralizing effect is known as buffering. Many naturally occurring compounds can be used to “buffer” this acid.

The RumenWorks Grain Assist Pellet contains a complex of several compounds which all have different buffering characteristics. This complex of compounds allows for a broader spectrum of buffering.

The RumenWorks Nutrition Sheep Grain Assist Pellet does not contain Bovatec™ (Lasalocid Sodium), which is a compound that is classed as a rumen modifier. Bovatec ™ improves performance by enhancing the activity of the beneficial rumen microflora. This modification of ruminal microflora activity decreases the production of lactic acid.  Bovatec can be added on request.

The Lasalocid sodium also provides a level of protection against Coccidiosis. Coccidiosis is a disease that commonly presents itself during the weaning process. The RumenWorks Nutrition Sheep Grain Assist Pellet is suitable to feed to weaners to reduce the risk of Coccidiosis.

How to Feed:

The pellet is designed to be included into cereal grain diets at a rate of 2.5% or 1 x 25kg bag per tonne.

Nil WHP.

Vista Cell Patented Probiotic:

Vista Cell marketed exclusively by RumenWorks Nutrition Pty Ltd in Australia is a unique patented Strain of Sacchromedes Crevasiae. This is the only sheep grain assist product on the market to include a Probiotic which brings you the benefits of improved daily weight gain and improved feed conversion rates through more efficient rumen function.

A study completed in November 2016 at the University of New England (Armidale) highlights the unique benefits of the RumenWorks Grain Assist Pellet with the patented Vista Cell Probiotic.

The Bottom Line the RumenWorks Grain Assist Pellet with Probiotic achieved:

  • 262% Increase in Average Daily Gain
  • 42.6% Less Feed to Produce the Same Amount of Lamb
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Sheep Grain Assist Pellet
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